Bed Buying Guide

If your bed is more than 10 years old, it probably isn’t giving you the comfort you need for a good, healthy nights sleep. It’s worth remembering that during the average ten year lifespan of a bed you will spend about 29,000 hours in it. Buying a new bed is one of the most personal and important decisions you will make so it’s worth investing wisely.

Visit one of our extensive showrooms. Our experienced sales consultants are trained specialists who fully understand the products we offer. Our staff will be able to guide you through the distinctive elements of each bed but to aid you in your choice we have compiled some simple steps on how to choose the right bed:

  • If you’re buying a bed for two, then try to make sure you bring your partner with you. It’s important you are both happy with the bed.
  • Ensure you remove your coat or jacket and do not be afraid to lie on the bed for up to 10 minutes, move around, and try to relax in your normal sleeping position. Don’t just prod the mattress with your fingers.
  • Remember your new bed should not be too hard or too soft but supportive with your spine parallel to the mattress. Lie on your back and slip your hand between the base of your spine and the mattress. If this is too difficult, the mattress may be too soft. If it moves too easily then the mattress may be too hard.
  • Ensure you have checked your measurements and the bed will fit into the room intended. Also think about your comfort, a 4' 6" bed only offers 2' 3" per person.
  • Also think about storage - 4 drawers, 2 drawers or continental drawers.
  • A good quality bed will last you over 10 years so it is worth investing a little extra now for those added years of comfort.
  • Do not be in a hurry, allow time to choose correctly and please do not choose on price alone. This is a very important personal decision and needs to be made on comfort not price.
  • Please do not leave the shop without asking all your questions. We do hold many beds in stock but can also command quick supplier lead times for many other beds made to order.

Bed Types and Mattresses

Divan Sets

Probably the most common bed which is basically a mattress on an upholstered base. Bases can be platform top - solid top without springs making the bed feel firmer. Sprung Edge bases have fully sprung tops creating a softer feel to the mattress. Please remember storage - most divan bases have several options on storage including - 4 drawers, 2 drawers, end drawers and continental drawers.


These can come in many different styles and made from metal or wood. Any mattress can be used to complete the bed but some mattresses are specifically designed for a bedstead. Bedsteads commonly come with slatted bases which can be either sprung or solid. The sprung slats will give a softer feel to the bed where the solid slats will feel firmer. Bedsteads come in flat pack easy for tight stairs access during home delivery and can be assembled in the room of choice. J H Haskins offer a Home Assembly service, please ask a sales consultant for advice.


Sofas containing a simple mechanism enabling them to be folded out into a bed. They come in single seats, 2 seaters and also 3 seaters.


Looking similar to a normal single bed the storabed has another single bed concealed underneath which can easily be pulled out and raised to the same height as the main bed enabling use as a double. A great space saver for those spare rooms.

Open coil spring mattresses

The most common mattress made from large metal springs and fully upholstered for comfort.

Pocket sprung mattresses

Smaller and greater quantity springs encased in their own pockets working independently of each other enabling individual support and preventing "roll together". These mattresses are much better quality and the number of springs improves the extra support and comfort.

Memory foam mattresses

These mattresses totally support your body weight by moulding around your individual body shape. The material is elastic like and returns to the original form when you get up every morning. The mattresses are believed to aid relief from back pain as they support every inch of your body.