Measuring Guide

Measuring Guide
Choosing new furniture for your home is a daunting enough process, but part of this process can be made easier by some time spent on preparation at the start.

Whether the furniture will fit into your chosen room should be your first priority, but in the excitement of the purchase this can be forgotten. When furnishing a room, be it a living, dining or bedroom, your chosen item of furniture should look in proportion, be comfortable to use and convenient to move around. Also start by considering the largest piece first, it's all very well choosing that lovely large sofa but then finding you have no space for anything else.

Will it Fit?

Before ordering your furniture it is wise to check the access areas of your home and the route it will take to your chosen room. Measurements that need to be checked would be the height, width & entry clearances of any hallways and accesses, not forgetting to take into account any banisters, turns and other obstacles that may be in the way. Also measure the surface area of the room that the furniture will be placed in. It is advisable to have the width, height and depth of the furniture you want as this will enable you to sketch a rough plan, you may even want to go as far as making templates to the actual size of the furniture to see what it would look like.

How to Measure?

All widths and diagonal depths need to be less than entryway dimensions, items on this website include basic dimensions. If you need additional measurements then please email us. When ordering a wall unit you may also want to check the floor to ceiling height just to be sure. Haskins Furniture can accept no responsibility for furniture that is too large to get into your house. To avoid the embarrassment and cost of any potential problems it is best to ensure you measure before you commit to ordering. If access through a particular route is too tight, it may be possible via another. It is not unknown for customers to have windows etc taken out, although this will make the delivery more complex and an additional charge may well have to be levied.

If All Else Fails

Finally if it really won't fit in come and talk to us. We will do our utmost to help you find a solution.