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Winner of Our Christmas Online Competition

1.15.2015In Competitions

  Haskins Furniture ran an online competition over Christmas where one lucky customer could win their order completely free! We now have a winner chosen randomly over the Christmas and New Year period.   Mr M from Oxford has won his order of an Ercol Bosco 6 draw wide chest which cost £635. His order has now been refunded. Congratulations Mr M and enjoy your lovely new furniture.   Best wishes from ..... Haskins Furniture   Photo Credit

Why are Stressless prices great value for comfort and style?

11.10.2014In Stressless Furniture

When it comes to choosing high-quality home furniture, it can be hard to avoid paying something of a premium on every item you buy. Even then, with some brands in the retail world, price is still no guarantee of value. Fortunately, this notion does not apply to the Stressless furniture brand, which is currently one of the most famous and celebrated furniture brands on the global market. The Ekornes Stressless range of furniture may come with a bigger price tag than items from some

What’s the Design Story Behind Parker Knoll Sofas?

12.15.2014In Parker Knoll Furniture

The story of the design of Parker Knoll furniture  and other handcrafted furniture items is described by the company itself as “a thoroughly British tale.” Currently based in Riddings, Derbyshire, Parker Knoll now has 140 years of history, where craftsmanship and innovative design have consistently occupied centre stage of the company’s business model. Parker Knoll says that innovation is a big part of the company’s “way of life,” and the company

What’s So Special about Ekornes Stressless Furniture? Our Review

4.10.2015In Stressless Furniture

  Over the last few months we’ve written several pieces related to our wonderful selection of Ekornes Stressless furniture. In these articles, we covered these items’ great value, comfort, their history and how to keep them at their best. To some, it may seem a lot to dedicate so much time to a single line of furniture, but the truth is that Stressless is a very special kind of furniture. But what exactly is it that makes it so special. Here is our “Stressless

What's Your Living Room Blast From the Past with G Plan?

1.12.2015In G Plan Furniture

With its heritage dating back as far as 1898, G Plan is now an iconic British furniture brand inspired by classic sofas from the 1950s and 1960s. Including a G Plan sofa in your living room is a great way to add that extra little retro blast from the past, and create a vintage atmosphere in your home. The question is, however, which piece will work best for you and your living space? G Plan Sofas - Classic or Vintage? An important thing to consider here is the

What is the Stressless Recliner Comfort Test?

11.14.2014In Stressless Furniture

In any retailer offering the Ekornes Stressless recliner , you will be able to take a few minutes to take the Stressless Recliner Comfort Test. But what is this test? How does it work? In short, the test is both a rigorous and revealing test allowing customers to ensure they are choosing the perfect new piece of furniture for their living or work space. So what does the Stressless Recliner comfort test entail? Despite being based on a great amount of careful thought, research and

Ways to Fix Up Furniture Using Everyday Household Items

12.23.2014In Blog

Christmas is here again, and for many of us that can mean up to several sudden influxes of houseguests for parties, family dinners and whatnot. All those extra people can drastically increase the risk of damage being done to your furniture, and so we've put together a short list of handy tips to help with common issues. What's more, these quick fixes can be managed by using many items you likely have lying around in cupboards at home right now. Scratches on wooden furniture - use a walnut!

Vintage G-Plan Furniture – Are you 50s or 60s?

1.19.2015In G Plan Furniture

There’s always a lot of buzz about things that are vintage. It’s probably a lot to do with the strong, positive association of being timeless and never out of style that goes with the word. Two very well known and well-thought-of eras in design are the 1950s and the 1960s, which have both experienced something of a boost for their “retro” value in the eyes of consumers. Vintage furniture in our G-Plan range certainly fits the bill for these two decades,

Top 5 UK Interior Brands

6.1.2015In Blog

Haskins Furniture is the leading independent retailer in Somerset and stocks some of the UK’s most reputable brands. Dedicated to British craftsmanship, this list details some of the best interior brands available at Haskins Furniture.  Parker Knoll   Parker Knoll is the collaborative brand established by Tom Parker and Willi Knoll. Tom Parker’s genealogy is studded with furniture makers championing British craftsmanship whilst it is Willi Knoll’s initial

The Recliner Has Definitely Come of Age

3.16.2015In Stressless Furniture

Reclining furniture as an idea has a very long history, arguably dating back to 19th Century France with the reclining camp bed. Napoleon III is reputed to have owned the very first reclining chair. It was Knabush and Shoemaker in the US who first patented a wooden recliner similar to the ones we know now, and by 1930 had also patented an upholstered one - the recliner was born.   In the years that followed the initial patents, the recliner lived through its