A little bit about Stressless; Ekornes Stressless® are a world-wide and much loved brand of ergonomically designed furniture for the home. They are the largest furniture manufacturer in the Nordic region and manage brands such as Stressless® and Svane®. Based in Norway, their range of furniture is sold all over the world and stocked by major retailers such as Haskins Furniture in the South West of the UK, one of the UK’s largest independent furniture stores.

Stressless furniture includes recliners, sofas, love-seats and accessories. Plus, there is aftercare support and advice for maintaining leather and accessories.

You can instantly see the influence of their Nordic roots in the designs and is known as one of the world most attractive ergonomically designed ranges of furniture. The aim of their design is to provide exceptional comfort and functionality that also reflects quality and value for money.

History of Ekornes

J.E. Ekornes Fjaerfabrikk opened the first store in 1934 and started with just three employees. The furniture manufacturing industry was in the early days and Jens Ekornes discovered unique ways of combining new spring manufacturing for furniture and the production of mattresses. Keen to be different from the earlier heavy steel-spring mattressess on wooden frames, he developed a system of using these springs inside ordinary mattresses. Thus, the first Svane mattress was created and further new products, factories and an increasing workforce followed.

Fast forward to 1966 and Ekornes® launched their first range of lounge furniture all manufactured in Norway under the brand name Ekornes, with the first Stressless® chair launched in 1971. The success of the Stressless Ekornes furniture brand lead to extensive expansion of the company and production facilities.

Today, Ekornes and the Stressless® brand is popular all over the world and continues to grow as one of the leading manufacturers of ergonimic furniture.

Stressless® – The Brand

Stressless® is now one of the leading and most well known furniture brands, not only in the Norwegian furniture market but also throughout the world through a network of independent furniture companies.

The first Stressless recliner appeared on the market in 1971 with the aim of providing the ultimate in comfort and support, whether reclined or upright. It was a revolutionary design that has been popular for over 35 years and has been continually refined and improved in every detail in the pursuit of perfecting the ultimate in comfort.

Where is the Stressless® brand today?

The innovation of the Stressless® system is today an integral function of all their chairs, love-seats and sofas. They offer both high and low-back sofas and services such as individual adjustment for personalised comfort.

Ekornes design and development team employ over 15 designers and invest heavily in product development. So it is inevitable that the market will see further state of the art construction and expertise in furniture manufacture.