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About Harrison

Dating back to 1840, Harrison Spinks is a fifth-generation family business that today has over 600 people working with us, from farmers who rear our prize sheep to craftsmen and women who still sew, side-stitch and tuft our mattresses by hand. With a range to suit all needs and budgets, one thing you can be sure of is you’ll always be sleeping on some of the finest natural materials, blissfully supported by thousands of tiny pocket springs. Harrison has been making beds since 1889. Mattresses are tailored to you and come in any size, firmness and fabric of your choice. That’s why Harrison are the original Bed Tailors.

We are the sleep tailors

We love sleep. It keeps us healthy and makes us happy. It has the power to restore us and make us feel human again. Sleep is special, so we don’t think it should come off the shelf — we think it should be tailored to you. That’s why at Harrison, we don’t just make beds. We make a great night’s sleep.

Comfort from nature

We pride ourselves on the 100% natural fillings used in our hand-made mattresses. Each luxurious filling pad that is layered into a Harrison bed is made from the finest natural fibres, some of which are grown on our very own farm.

The luxury of choice

From the first twist of wire for our unique springs, to the last swatch of colour, it’s a bed made for its owner. Choose from a variety of colour palettes, bed frames and headboards and make your own bespoke Harrison bed. In the end you’ll have a mattress that adjusts itself to you, not the other way round.


Innovation is at the heart of Harrison Spinks, and it is the continuous investment in technology which has allowed us to become the most vertically integrated bed manufacturer in the world. We never rest, because only the very best will do. Innovation is so much a part of what we do that we are the only bed maker in the UK to have our own testing laboratory.

Home Grown

When it comes to the fillings for our mattresses, only the very best will do. So, to meet our exacting standards for quality, there was only one option – we had to grow them ourselves. On our farm in North Yorkshire, that’s precisely our goal. Here we rear sheep for their wool and produce the natural fibres that go into our fillings.

Lord of the Manor

Harrison is just one of the prize sheep you’ll find at Hornington Manor. Reared on the lush grass of our farm, he obliges is the the luxurious wool that goes into many of our beds. He produces only the finest pure-grade British wool. Soft, springy and sumptuous, it’s this wool that helps us ensure our natural fillings are of the finest quality, and our beds are fit for a king.


In tailor-making a Harrison beds, our most valuable tools are our hands. But these are not just any hands. They belong to craftsmen. In one week, one person will stitch our unique beds using a 12-inch needle and a lot of patience. An art that a machine will never be able to master.


Inside every bed we make, there are several thousand miracles of engineering at work. Precision made springs-within-springs are high-density pocket springs made with titanium alloy wire. It’s the most innovative support technology you’ll find anywhere in the world. Technology than makes every night’s sleep the best you’ve ever had.

Award Winning

For years we have been crafting beds that perfectly demonstrate our ethos. We are already proud of our work, but when it was recognised by HRH Queen Elizabeth ||, we were delighted. To receive the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation and Sustainable Development cemented our resolve to continue to produce beautiful, sustainable comfort in every bed. Ask us for more details.

Warm Side

The Warm Side of your mattress has a wool blend near the sleeping surface. On this side of the mattress, the wool blend will help keep you warm and comfortable throughout the cooler months of the year,

Cool Side

The Cool Side of your mattress has a cotton blend near the sleeping surface. On this side of the mattress, the cotton blend will keep you fresh and dry in the warm months as the cotton helps to wick away moisture.


Softer & stronger. The double coat of the cashmere goat is both soft and smooth, but also highly resilient. While the outer layer is durable, the fine, soft underdown is lighter and more insulating than other wools. Cashmere is blended into the top layer of our mattresses, and added to a mix in the lower layers of the fillings.


The finest of textures. Softer and smoother than wool, its fine silky texture gives it a more luxurious feel and is used in the top filling layers of the mattress. Its strong, light and soft fibres share the beneficial properties of wool but with the added sumptuousness.

Sheep’s Wool

Home-grown softness. Soft, springy and naturally supportive. Wool keeps you warm and dry and helps regulate body temperature. It’s also anti-bacterial and, as it’s inherently fire-retardant, there’s no need to use chemicals in any of our beds. And because we raise our own sheep it’s also more sustainable.


For sumptuous layering. Durable, springy and hardwearing. Horsehair provides versatile and sumptuous layering. As a fibre it is also uniquely resilient. We use it in many of our high-end mattresses for its supportive attributes.