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About Old Charm

We are a family business, which has been around for over 90 years, specialising in the design and manufacture of quality furniture. Wood Bros is located in Ware, Hertfordshire, where it has been since the foundation “stone” was laid in 1952. Famous for our successful Old Charm traditional Tudor furniture collection, which was first introduced in the early 50s, we have designed and manufactured everything from the cutting-edge modern glass fibre shells of Lurashell to our more contemporary oak and upholstery designs of today. Design is at the heart of everything we do. Our designers continue to evolve our cabinet and sofa collections in style and function to match today’s living.

Old Charm Colours

Chestnut has a warm rich nutty hue which allows the character of the grain to show through, while the Tudor Brown has a rich ruby brown colour. The Light Oak is a mellow brown colour with warm honey tones and the Vintage colour is a light caramel tone which gives the furniture a softer look. Finally, the Fumed Oak is designed to compliment a more contemporary and understated interior.

Chatsworth Colour

Chatsworth is available in ‘Flaxen’, an authentic light yet mellow colour which is highlighted by extensive softening and darkened rubs which add definition. For over 90 years our designers and craftsmen have combined finish, hardware and design to show off our furniture to its best effect.


Our finishes are designed to enrich the character of our oak products, whilst providing a durable surface. We have three finishes Traditional, Heritage and Classic. The Traditional finish is a cleaner more uniform look. Heritage finish simulates use over time with softening of the edges, light distressing together with a more tonal colouring. Classic finish has the soften edges and tonal colouring but no distressing like the traditional finish.


We are proud of our English heritage which continues to combine time-honoured tradition with innovation and flair.


Founded by Hertbert Wood in 1924, Wood Bros remains a family run private company that is passionate about its well made products.


On Old Charm, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee (of the product) which is the ultimate expression of our faith in the durability of our products. Contact us for more information.


All our designs are unique to Wood Bros and are developed here in Ware, Hertfordshire. Our design workshop focuses on quality, function and style, supported by a team of experience designers and craftsmen.


Our materials, from character timber and fittings to fabrics and fillings, are sourced from the highest quality suppliers all over the world. Wood Bros’ commitment to craftsmanship, responsible sourcing and consistent high standards are reflected n all our products.

Hand Finishing

We feel that high quality hand finishing is an essential element in creating the finished product. We use a multi-layered process for all our designs ensuring the clarity of colour and highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.