Caring for your Halo Furniture

In our consumerist world of convenience and choice, we have all become used to being able to get what we want, when we want it and to the standard we expect it. The trouble is with this kind of mass-produced line of products, when it comes to furniture, is that those of us who want to reflect a bit more personality in our living spaces all end up with the same furniture as all our neighbours. Handcrafted, bespoke items may come with a higher price tag, but the value that you receive with something like, for example, G Plan Upholstery living room furniture, goes far beyond price.

When we’re buying furniture, we have no qualms about choosing the items we think look best and will really enhance our living spaces. However, one thing we don’t always consider is how best to care for the furniture items we choose so that their life may be prolonged, and how they keep looking their finest for longer.

Halo dining room furniture is no exception. Every item may be made with love, craftsmanship and care, but a degree of extra vigilance is needed in order to maximise their life and effect. Halo came up with a general list of tips that should help to prolong the life of all their furniture items:

  • Avoid placing any item too close to a direct source of heat, such as a radiator
  • Do not place items in direct sunlight, as it can accelerate fading in wood and leather
  • If assembling items, it is essential that you follow the instructions precisely
  • Once assembled, hot dishes or cups should not be placed directly onto any wooden surfaces such as cabinet or table tops
  • In the event of a stain, scratch, chipping or any other damage, it’s best to call a professional to try and resolve the problem
  • Avoid sharp objects on upholstered furniture as they may snag the fabric

In addition to the above guidelines, there are more things that one can do to care for their Halo furniture. Looking more carefully at leather upholstery, one important thing to remember is only to clean it when absolutely necessary. It’s okay to dust/vacuum it occasionally, or to use a soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe the surface gently. If the leather gets wet, then use a paper towel to wipe up any excess water, and then leave to dry naturally.

Wood and glass materials should also be considered carefully. Halo wooden furniture is finished with either lacquer or wax to protect the wood, while also maintaining its natural beauty. Following already mentioned (above) guidelines on keeping wood out of heat/sunlight, and ensuring that mats are used for hot/wet dishes that are placed on them will keep all unnecessary wear and tear to a minimum. Glass is often something overlooked, as people assume it can be cleaned with any kind of detergent or cloth without any risk. The truth is that glass panel surfaces should only be cleaned with a damp, soft cloth with washing up liquid, soft soap or window cleaner. Other washing powders or detergents with abrasives should be avoided. While they are effective cleaning agent, their abrasives may well scratch the glass and ruin the finish!

Put simply, you don’t have to be a master craftsman in order to make sure your Halo furniture stays in good order. Through these simple care steps, your living space will be brought to life by the beautiful items in the Halo Living range. Browse our Halo dining furniture now and make an order with us today.

About Halo Furniture

Halo furniture are a British company specialising in luxury furniture and have been leading the lifestyle market since 1976. Their UK head office is based in Cheshire although their luxury furniture product range is distributed to 66 countries world-wide. Halo Living have become known for their distinctive furniture design which is influenced by the iconic designs of the past and the elegance of today’s modern looks.

Founded by Major Philip Oulton in 1976 as Halo Antiques, influenced by a love of fine furniture and the detail of British antiques, Halo was born.  Halo’s distinctive appearance offers classic style with the durability and practicality of today’s furniture making technology.

How Halo Furniture is made

Quality and elegance are the priorities for the Halo range of furniture. The Halo artisans focus on enhancing the natural characteristics of quality wood and hand dyed aniline leather, birthing unique finishes and luxurious softness that only improves with age. Using traditional techniques, the result is refinement, endurance and time-honoured furniture that you just have to have in your home.

The Halo Furniture Range

Living room furniture

  • arm chairs
  • coffee tables
  • console tables
  • display cabinets and bookcases
  • footstools and bar stools
  • lamp tables
  • occasional chairs
  • sofas and sofa beds
  • trunks
  • tv cabinets

Dining room

  • dining chairs
  • dining tables
  • dressers
  • sideboards

The Halo Furniture Range


  • beds
  • bedside tables
  • chests
  • dressing tables and stools
  • tallboys
  • wardrobes

Home Office

  • bureaus
  • desks
  • modular home office
  • office chairs
  • storage drawers & cupboards

If you love the look and feel (and smell) of quality timber and leather furniture, then you’re going to love Halo Living furniture range. Luxury furniture that is lovingly created seems a rarity these days, not so here. Take a look at the Halo range and see for yourself.