The living room: it’s the one room that most of us especially want to reflect our personality and taste. Or, more accurately, we want it to show our unique style. With the sheer amount of mass-produced furniture flooding the market every year, it’s hard to really know if we’re buying pieces that reflect ourselves, because after all, won’t thousands of other people have the same thing? That’s where Parker Knoll chair covers come in handy.

When you own furniture and other living room items over a long period of time, it is easy for them to drag down the overall feel of your living space. Whether the problem is dull colours, out-of-date style, worn/damaged fabrics or something else, it can be tricky to know what the best course of action to take is. The idea of replacing everything in the room is daunting and expensive, but you should know that it shouldn’t have to come to that.

How simply changing chair covers can transform a room

Even with the simplest change to your furniture, like replacing the chair covers, can work to totally revamp your room, breathing new life into the space. Parker Knoll chair covers are made in a variety of fabrics and styles to suit many tastes. It’s amazing what a new chair cover can do, but it’s important that you consider carefully how exactly to use it best in your living room.

For example, if you’re living room is fairly small, then it’s a good idea to use lighter colours that might help create interesting contrasts. This will generate the illusion of the room being lighter and more spacious.

Try different fabrics for style and budget

Do you like suede fabrics? Are you reluctant to buy them because you also have children or pets that you’re afraid might damage them? Well, faux suede is of a much higher quality these days, and is also more stain resistant and so good for these families. If you’re on a budget, then some plainer patterns will help save money, while still injecting that desired new vibe into your living room.

Avoid materials and fabrics that clash

Considering combinations of furniture materials and fabrics is also important. If you have chrome-finish furniture, then you should avoid floral fabrics, which in inevitably clash and look bizarre. Wooden furniture works well with richer, tapestry-like fabrics, as well as with various leather choices or even silk. A good idea is to take a look at your furniture’s history, and do a bit of research into what would have been a popular choice when it was made. This helps your furniture maintain its original style and appeal.

If your furniture is more modern, however, then it never really hurts to be a bit more adventurous. Try out some different colours and fabrics and see what works. Old and tired furniture saps the life out of any room. It’s amazing how a simple restyle can work wonders to revitalize the space and make it much more desirable to sit in and relax again. Explore our interesting range of Parker Knoll furniture and see if there’s something you think will also brighten up or revamp your living room.