British furniture company, Halo Living, have been leading players in the handcrafted furniture market since the 1970s. Known for their distinctive style, a Halo sofa is a handcrafted sofa made using high-quality oak or ash timber, and upholstered with only the best available Aniline leather that far from wearing out over time, actually wears in. While many Halo sofas share these traits, each sofa type has a distinct character and personality, and one should consider which item in the Halo furniture range is the best fit for their personal style.

Which sofa style are you?

Are you a minimalist who likes clean lines and simple designs; a more conservative type that enjoys a more antique, old-world look and feel; a more retro liberal looking to keep Art Deco alive? Believe it or not, the sofa you choose can act as a reflection of these aspects of your personality, because a sofa is more than just a big seat in your living space, it is the very centre, focus and core of your living space.

The Halo sofa range covers an impressive spectrum, and includes 2, 2.5 and 3-seater models in a range of leathers and other materials. Take the “Chester” as an example — this is a true classic, and represents a mild and steady evolution of the 19th Century Chesterfield. If “classic” is that word you identify with key elements of your personality, then Chester is the perfect companion for you.

Classic or Modern?

There are some that while liking to maintain a certain nostalgia about those classic looks, also prefer something a little more modern in their homes. If this sounds like a sofa personality you’d like to find, then “Barbican” is the natural choice. Its similarities to the Chesterfield cater to timeless style, while small modern twists in pattern and the angle of the back give it a modern edge.

Extrovert or Introvert?

Anyone wishing to partner with a sofa that exudes a personality of simplicity, elegance and versatility should perhaps consider the “Hudson.” Something of a more “introverted” type, the Hudson’s versatility is bound to suit the style of many who perhaps haven’t really discovered their own particular style yet, but wish to explore it more.

Masculine or Feminine?

One of the truly special and unique in the range is the “Shoreham 2-seater.” This sofa exudes a more feminine energy, and does an excellent job of keeping the Art Deco style alive. The vintage moleskin upholstery adds a softness and comfort that makes the sofa a more complex character for a buyer to explore.

Explore Halo sofas and other items in the Halo range to see for yourself the diverse range of personalities that are exhibited in this high-quality furniture line.