Upholstery Buying Guide

Upholstery Buying Guide
Buying a new suite or sofa is a big decision and you will find a choice of leather and fabric upholstery at our stores. Our specialist sales consultants will be happy to use their extensive product knowledge to help you make the right decision.

A sofa is a room’s main focal point and a tired sofa can date any room so choose furniture that will complement the space. The shape or design can also impact on the look of your room, contemporary or traditional suites can alter the feel and versatility of the whole property. Here is a simple guide to assist you in the key elements you need to consider when buying a new sofa:


Leather is a natural material and like man made fabric sofa’s can vary in design and appearance. Leather can contain scars, blemishes and colour variations which makes it unique. Today’s methods of processing have lowered the cost of leather over recent years meaning leather sofa’s are becoming ever popular and a superb alternative to the traditional fabric sofa. Here is a brief overview of some of the different leathers and their characteristics that are on sale today:

Corrected Grain

Corrected grain is the most common used in today’s leather upholstery. The hide is buffed to reduce or remove any natural imperfections and colour is applied to the surface. This is the most durable leather being easy to care or making it an ideal purchase for people with young families.

Semi-analine Leather

Semi-analine leather has been dyed through often with more than one colour enhancing the natural shade variations. The leather is a lot softer than corrected grain giving a very luxurious feel.

Analine Leather

Analine leather has minimal or no coating applied leaving the surface in a more natural condition. It is very soft to touch and can be the most expensive as it typifies the natural uniqueness that leather can offer.


Please note all Chenille and velvet type fabrics are constructed with a chenille yarn to create a random effect and soft surface texture. Chenilles, like velvets, have a raised surface texture and these natural characteristics may, over time, experience some flattening and shading variances. Whilst every effort is made to ensure consistency of fabric and colour, variations may occur.

Fabric suites can come in a massive variation of colours, designs and shapes including fabric and leather combination, fixed or loose covered sofa’s. Again here is a brief insight to assist your buying decision:

Fabric & Leather Combinations

Fabric and leather combinations are a stylish mix usually encompassed with a leather upholstered frame and enhanced with fabric seat and back cushions.

Fixed Cover Sofas

Fixed cover sofas have the fabric pulled tight over the frame with tailored arms. The fabric cannot be removed from the frame and come with fixed or loose seat and rear cushions. The fabric can vary hugely from cheniles, suedes and many woven designs.

Loose Cover Sofas

Loose cover sofas have removable covers to make cleaning easier. Fabrics are usually man made and in some cases can be machine washed. Often casual in style they are often classed as "shabby chic" and are great for families with young children. As with all sofas and suites access into the home is vital. So please before visiting one of our stores we would advice checking access to your home and ensuring your purchase will fit and there is sufficient space in your room of choice. Don’t be disappointed if you think your choice will not fit as some models will split for easier delivery and we can even arrange a dummy run where our trained staff will evaluate your homes access.