Upholstery Care Guide

Upholstery Care Guide

On Delivery

Make sure that the room is ready and access is clear for our delivery teams to manoeuvre your furniture into your home. As part of our Delivery Service we will unpack and assemble it for you. Once you have accepted the furniture and the packaging has been removed, take a few minutes to inspect it. Make sure you are completely satisfied before the delivery team leaves your premises. If your new sofa or chair has a recliner mechanism always leave enough room for it to work. It will not operate correctly and the furniture may appear to rock if your floor is not level. If the recliner mechanisms seem stiff, they will ease with use. Once the tight protective wrapping is removed from leather furniture, the cushions may appear flatter than expected and the leather creased. Use the palms of your hands to press gently on the leather surface and smooth the cushions and leather into their normal shape. Plump all cushions. Once air begins to circulate around the suite, the leather will relax and fall into its original shape.

Regular Maintenance

Always follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions and only use products they recommend. Plump and turn cushions daily. Over time some fillings, including fibre, will lose up to 20% of their original volume through normal wear and tear. Daily plumping will help make them last longer. Use the upholstery or drape attachment to vacuum your furniture weekly and reduce the abrasive effect of dust and crumbs. Brushing fabric covers can damage the pile and affect its feel and durability. Fixed cover fabric suites should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. Clean all covers of a loose cover suite at the same time to prevent colour variations. If you spill something, blot up the excess immediately. Do not use detergents or rub as you could cause permanent damage. If you have purchased a Multimaster Warranty, contact them right away and they will advise on what to do. Often it requires professional cleaning to rectify the matter. For Multimaster policy holders this will be arranged for you. If you have any doubts about how to care for your furniture and can't find your instructions from the manufacturer, please phone your local store for help.