In order to aim our spotlight accurately at these “Ercol Originals,” it’s probably a good idea to first understand what exactly they are. The range consists of chairs, love seats, rocking chairs, stools and tables, and represents the revitalization of some of Lucian Ercolani’s earliest and best-known designs. Together, they create – in Ercol’s own words – a “Pantheon of classic designs of the 20th Century.”

The Butterfly Chair, Studio Couch, Chairmakers Chair, Holland Park Chair – the list goes on. These iconic British classics remain highly sought after for their beautiful yet simple designs, the quality of their materials, and finally for their durability, practicality and ease of integration into the design of the home. How did such a simple but varied range emerge in the first place? The simple answer is that Ercolani adapted the country Windsor chair into a design that could be produced more easily and in greater numbers but without compromising on quality. The overall simplicity of the Windsor meant that the scope for adaptive design was massive, hence the amazing variety in the Ercol Originals range today.

Taking the range down to its more fundamental levels, the principal materials used in the Originals range are beech and elm. The former is a hard, very solid wood with a fine and versatile structure. It is wear-resistant, and many furniture craftsmen over the centuries have come to acknowledge its superior qualities when it comes to processing, finishing and gluing. The latter is also a tough and durable material, but is known more for its smooth surface, fluent, clear lines and the air of elegance that it brings to anything made from it.

Finally, when taking a careful look at the Originals range, one really can’t help but remark on just how simple and bold the designs really are. Why is this a strength? Many would argue that a simple design makes something easier to understand; easier to see the beauty and fundamental strength in something. On a more practical level, the simpler the design, the less likely the item to let you down, but also the easier it is to fix should anything go wrong for whatever reason.

Simple, durable, timeless and versatile – the Ercol Originals bring all the most desirable elements of beauty, design and practicality into your home. Take the time to browse the selection and see which items can enhance any part of your living space.