A Spotlight On Ercol Originals

In order to aim our spotlight accurately at these “Ercol Originals,” it’s probably a good idea to first understand what exactly they are. The range consists of chairs, love seats, rocking chairs, stools and tables, and represents the revitalization of some of Lucian Ercolani’s earliest and best-known designs. Together, they create – in Ercol’s own words – a “Pantheon of classic designs of the 20th Century.”

The Butterfly Chair, Studio Couch, Chairmakers Chair, Holland Park Chair – the list goes on. These iconic British classics remain highly sought after for their beautiful yet simple designs, the quality of their materials, and finally for their durability, practicality and ease of integration into the design of the home. How did such a simple but varied range emerge in the first place? The simple answer is that Ercolani adapted the country Windsor chair into a design that could be produced more easily and in greater numbers but without compromising on quality. The overall simplicity of the Windsor meant that the scope for adaptive design was massive, hence the amazing variety in the Ercol Originals range today.

Taking the range down to its more fundamental levels, the principal materials used in the Originals range are beech and elm. The former is a hard, very solid wood with a fine and versatile structure. It is wear-resistant, and many furniture craftsmen over the centuries have come to acknowledge its superior qualities when it comes to processing, finishing and gluing. The latter is also a tough and durable material, but is known more for its smooth surface, fluent, clear lines and the air of elegance that it brings to anything made from it.

Finally, when taking a careful look at the Originals range, one really can’t help but remark on just how simple and bold the designs really are. Why is this a strength? Many would argue that a simple design makes something easier to understand; easier to see the beauty and fundamental strength in something. On a more practical level, the simpler the design, the less likely the item to let you down, but also the easier it is to fix should anything go wrong for whatever reason.

Simple, durable, timeless and versatile – the Ercol Originals bring all the most desirable elements of beauty, design and practicality into your home. Take the time to browse the selection and see which items can enhance any part of your living space.



Ercol Bedroom Furniture is Perfect for Understated Styles

Ercol bedroom furniture is founded upon an understated design ethos: pieces are crafted with the best materials and expressed in a subtle and effective way to ensure that they aren’t undermined by fashion cycles. If you want to channel a timeless style in your bedroom, look no further than Ercol as they proudly combine practicality with a great, versatile aesthetic.

All beds incorporate pre-sprung wooden slats for enhanced spring and comfort whilst the additional pieces allow you to create a coherent and calm decor. Choose from the wardrobes which boast plenty of stylish storage or coordinating bedside tables or even a blanket box which need not necessarily be confined to the bedroom.

Ercol Pinto Bedroom

The Ercol Pinto bedroom furniture channels classic and minimalist designs, showcasing traditional pieces befitting all bedroom styles.

The Pinto furniture range is crafted using elm, with a soft painted finish to celebrate the wood grain, and contrasting oak which is finished with a clear lacquer. The dual colour of the pieces provides a modern take on classic designs.

Ercol Teramo Bedroom

Reminiscent of the Ercol heritage, particularly that of the Windsor chair, the Ercol Teramo bedroom range is a contemporary take on traditional designs. With the thin spindle headboard, dovetail joints and oval handles, the classic pieces would complement any bedroom style.

The collection is crafted from pale oak and finished with a clear matt lacquer, embracing the natural texture of the wood whilst offering you a unique piece every time you choose Ercol Teramo.

Ercol Pimlico Bedroom

The Ercol Pimlico bedroom collection draws inspiration from mid-century modern styles, resulting in a functional yet stylish range of furniture.

Hand-crafted in oak timber, the pieces incorporate tenon joints, round-fingered joints and mitre cutting details producing simple and clean lines perfect for modern living. As with most Ercol bedroom furniture, it is finished with a clear matt lacquer to expose the unique grain and texture.

Ercol Bosco Bedroom

The Ercol Bosco Bedroom range is both stylish and distinctive due to the incorporation of exposed finger joints, smooth curved edges, easy-to-pull handles and slatted headboards.

Finished in a clear matt lacquer, the beauty of the solid oak and oak veneers is embraced throughout the Ercol Bosco bedroom range.

Ercol Savona Bedroom

The Ercol Savona Bedroom range is Ercol’s extension of the Ercol story into the bedroom: the harmony and balance of style, function and comfort. The inspiration was to create a collection befitting today’s modern living.

The Ercol Savona furniture is the result of a collaboration between Ercol and James Ryan, a young British designer. The pieces are simple, incorporating clean lines and symmetrical curves whilst still celebrating the traditional craftsmanship Ercol is renowned for.

Ercol Bronte

The Ercol Bronte bedroom collection establishes Ercol’s design credentials; this bedroom suite embraces classic features such as dovetail joints and deep drawers making it ideal for the modern, casual bedroom.

The collection is completed with a tinted matt lacquer to both increase durability and allow the distinctive finishing of the soft toned ash wood to shine through.

Explore the Ercol bedroom range to find your perfect,understated bedroom furniture suite


Ercol: Dedicated to Craftsmanship and Collaboration

From its humble beginnings in 1920, Ercol furniture has steadily grown to become an enterprise at the very forefront of the British furniture industry. Founded by Italian immigrant, Lucian Ercolani, who moved to London with his parents in 1898, the company has expanded to include living room, dining room, bedroom and office furniture. Their design ethos states that they “design for comfort; design for function; design for beauty,” and their dedication to quality and craftsmanship is a testament to that ethos.

Rather than being taken over by another corporate entity at some point, the Ercolani family remains at the very centre of operations. In the company’s long history, Lucian Ercolani, his sons and their in-house design teams have produced some of the most iconic British furniture – the Butterfly Chair, the Stacking Chair, the Windsor Series, the Plank table and many more. The company has a proven track record of dedication to maintaining good design and production standards by rewarding their long-standing employees with a place in a kind of hall of fame, a wooden plaque made from English elm listing the names of those who have served the company for more than 30 years.

Not only a commitment to craftsmanship, the company is also committed to the value of collaboration. As the company has developed and expanded, the Ercolani family recognised the advantages of looking to both upcoming and well-known designers in the UK to bring new designs and perspectives to the Ercol furniture ranges. Talented professionals such as Margaret Howell, James Ryan, and Matthew Hilton, who won “Designer of the Year” at the 2008 British Design Awards, have all collaborated with Ercol to either bring brand-new concepts to the range. Ryan can be credited with the creation of the flagship Artisan range, with its beautiful curves and shapes made from solid wood – a hallmark of Ryan’s style. Howell helped rework items from the back catalogue to make them available to an international market that previously hadn’t been able to take advantage of Ercol’s fantastic craftsmanship and style.

Ercol has proven itself a forward-thinking enterprise, able to evolve to meet the needs of changing markets by bringing in fresh perspectives, and holding on to its best talent to maintain the highest possible standards. Haskins Furniture is fortunate to be able to stock a great deal of Ercol’s designs having maintained a trading relationship since the 1950s. Through this, Haskins Furniture have collaborated with Ercol in a number of outside events to display the Ercol ranges at National Trust properties including Lawrence Weston House, Montacute House, Stourhead Palladian Mansion and Bowood House. Browse our website to view the iconic Ercol designs.