From its humble beginnings in 1920, Ercol furniture has steadily grown to become an enterprise at the very forefront of the British furniture industry. Founded by Italian immigrant, Lucian Ercolani, who moved to London with his parents in 1898, the company has expanded to include living room, dining room, bedroom and office furniture. Their design ethos states that they “design for comfort; design for function; design for beauty,” and their dedication to quality and craftsmanship is a testament to that ethos.

Rather than being taken over by another corporate entity at some point, the Ercolani family remains at the very centre of operations. In the company’s long history, Lucian Ercolani, his sons and their in-house design teams have produced some of the most iconic British furniture – the Butterfly Chair, the Stacking Chair, the Windsor Series, the Plank table and many more. The company has a proven track record of dedication to maintaining good design and production standards by rewarding their long-standing employees with a place in a kind of hall of fame, a wooden plaque made from English elm listing the names of those who have served the company for more than 30 years.

Not only a commitment to craftsmanship, the company is also committed to the value of collaboration. As the company has developed and expanded, the Ercolani family recognised the advantages of looking to both upcoming and well-known designers in the UK to bring new designs and perspectives to the Ercol furniture ranges. Talented professionals such as Margaret Howell, James Ryan, and Matthew Hilton, who won “Designer of the Year” at the 2008 British Design Awards, have all collaborated with Ercol to either bring brand-new concepts to the range. Ryan can be credited with the creation of the flagship Artisan range, with its beautiful curves and shapes made from solid wood – a hallmark of Ryan’s style. Howell helped rework items from the back catalogue to make them available to an international market that previously hadn’t been able to take advantage of Ercol’s fantastic craftsmanship and style.

Ercol has proven itself a forward-thinking enterprise, able to evolve to meet the needs of changing markets by bringing in fresh perspectives, and holding on to its best talent to maintain the highest possible standards. Haskins Furniture is fortunate to be able to stock a great deal of Ercol’s designs having maintained a trading relationship since the 1950s. Through this, Haskins Furniture have collaborated with Ercol in a number of outside events to display the Ercol ranges at National Trust properties including Lawrence Weston House, Montacute House, Stourhead Palladian Mansion and Bowood House. Browse our website to view the iconic Ercol designs.